Nature is the best teacher

Now this is something we all have felt at least once in our life. Times, when you feel that this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Things can never be more terrible than this. All those things I use to feel good or happy about, are fading out. In Fact they now makes me feel depressed. As we humans have a hidden talent of faking our emotions most of the time, I tend to smile even when my heart is oozing out of sadness and depression. Obviously I don’t want people to know how miserable I feel or how weak I am, no matter how badly I want someone to listen and know all what I feel.
Well, is this really that bad? The situation I am faced with… Is it really the worst that could happen? Should I have to stop living because of this?
Once I get over these emotional and situational imbalances, I can clearly see the other side of the picture which was so vague and blurred back then. Now I don’t feel bad about what happened. I understand. I accept. I move on.
So, what was all that fuss about? Why do i have to go through such rough time whenever i am faced with a difficult situation? Is it just me who is bad at accepting the changes in life easily, or it happen to everyone?

This fall, i got my answers in the most amazing way possible. “A tall tree standing strong by my window” … It was full of green shaddy leaves extending far across. When the season changed and came the Autumn… the leaves started to change colors, from green to yellow and red. With a heavy blow of wind, the weak leaves started to fall down. Those who were strongly bonded with the branches, remain with the tree. Isn’t it similar to what happen in our lives? Well yes! I am talking about friends who left us alone when we needed them the most, relationships that were strong and healthy like those green leaves but changed their colors with seasons and eventually left the grip of branch. In coming months of freezing winter, that tree would not have even a single leaf on it… but it will stay there, stand strong and wait for the harshness of winters to end. He apparently looks weak but the stem remains strong. It doesn’t bend down or die and looks determined to live again as full and green as it use to be. There would be new leaves on it soon. This tree would again smile on the breeze, play with sunlight and dance in rain.
So, it’s all about being strong and standing tall on your feet while the seasons change and waiting for things to get better. You just have to believe and never give up.
I believe … and I stand.

3 thoughts on “Nature is the best teacher

  1. This is beautiful !
    I am amazed to read and feel someone’s heart out.
    My dear not everyone is blessed with this heart care and love for relationships.

    Liked by 1 person

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