Eat your words

Nobody likes to be wrong about something. And not everyone can eat that humble pie.

I am a confident person and like to know things before i can talk about them without ambiguity. When that becomes a habit, you become use to of being right most of the time. What is bad about this situation is that you forget how to be wrong or more precisely, how to admit that you were wrong about something.

When i am in a formal setting, socializing with people other than my closed group, I can manage to be graceful enough and nicely be wrong. It’s easier. But when i am with my close friends and family, I can argue till I have used the last possible logical explanation to prove it right. I can be that strange scientist who sounds alien when he is talking and nobody understands his point except himself. Especially when it comes to my dear husband, I don’t want to be wrong about anything… by anything i mean ANYTHING. “I told you not to trust her”, “I told you it’s gonna be like this”, “you shouldn’t have done it without me now look how bad it is”, “Didn’t I tell you” … I wish i never had to listen to these sentences from him ever.

As a human, you can’t get everything right. It’s OK to have something wrong in your life that needs to be corrected, just to make you feel alive and more humanly. Being wrong about something means you have learned the right thing, which is kinda great. We don’t really like it but… that’s how it works.

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