You have been hurt by people who were really close to you. You have lived the silent pain that screams through your heart and tells you that it’s not okay for someone to hurt you this way. You are not miserable, you live your life and carry on with your routine in the same way. It’s just that, there is a pinch in your heart that bothers you so much but you ignore it. You are too grown to tell others that you are hurt. You don’t want to complain about it but you can’t just let it be either.

It’s time… to forgive without being asked for forgiveness. Set yourself free from that unheard misery and pain. You don’t want to talk about it or even talk to that person again… That’s fine. They probably never deserved your love and care. Just tell yourself to forgive that person because that’s the best way you can settle it down and you deserve this peace of mind and heart.

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