Life in Lockdown

We are living history these days, that will be read, written and studied about in future. Though, it doesn’t feel so historic when you are actually living the most stagnant life you have ever lived. Being a stay at home mom, it shouldn’t bother me much, but trust me IT DOES. There is a huge difference when you choose to do something willingly and when you are forced to do the same thing (curfew in the country I am living in). This time actually made me realize the importance of freedom and how ungrateful we’ve been towards the blessings that we might have never asked for but still made our lives easier and prettier.

The fact that world around us is changing so dramatically, makes me anxious and I keep wondering if we are ever going to be the way we were before. In a matter of days, we are all living the same fear and anxiety, like a thriller motion picture. All locked up in our homes to keep ourselves and others safe. Things that were considered fun and healthy, are now illegal. Sounds almost unbelievable. News and media is pretty much a nightmare. After a month of isolation and curfew, even the funniest memes about the whole situation are just tragicomedy.

Apart from the urge to get out of my house and roam freely, I do enjoy this time. I am actually utilizing my time more than ever and wanting to do everything that I have been delaying ever since I got married and had my baby. Which, I should mention does not include anything extraordinary. Just watching all the series and shows on my watch list, writing more, and most importantly finish that online course I started 3 million years ago, that has become the biggest pain and regret of my life. It just reminds me how lazy I’ve become and I just don’t like to use my baby as an excuse for my lack of interest in everything else that I once enjoyed. Because now, I just live my day around my 18 months old son’s routine and THAT’S IT. He is literally my life now.

Ever Since I decided to come back to my normal life… not MOM me, just myself me, this lockdown has allowed me to sit back and ruminate. I feel that time is slipping away and life is too short to wait for another day. If you really want to do something, start working on it right away because there is no tomorrow. You might get to live another day to do it but what if you still can’t because of something like COVID19. So, to all coming generations, from a girl who lived in the era of ‘The Great Lockdown’,

Don’t waste the precious time, embrace it
for the life one lives amiss
No one would replace it.

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