From a Good Heart

It is unimaginably hard, and scary when you know why your wound is hurting and what you need to do to stop the bleeding, but have no courage to do it…

Don’t lose that good heart

“….Then there are things which are beyond our control, when we lose something because of that incapability, God is teaching us patience. God gave us this will power to choose our life patterns and make decisions for ourselves, but he did not give us the power to change what people will choose for themselves when they are going to cross your path and become part of it either for a while or forever. We can do our part by helping them, staying with them, motivating them, or by praying for them because we decide that. But you can’t control how they are going to react to your choices. So it is pointless to feel that you did something wrong or it was your fault. You got to keep your good heart safe from all these discouraging thoughts.

If still every day you think about a new idea to help them and be there for them, then you need to stop. You did your part, and its time to leave the rest to God. No one has the answer why all that happened to you, but I am damn sure not so you lose your goodness and softness of heart because the outcome didn’t turn out to be the way you thought. Because right now, that agony is probably going to lead you to these negative feelings, such as if this is the reward of being concerned and helpful to people you love, then I am done being nice. There is only one thing left which no one can stop you from doing even that person who pushed you away, is praying for them. If you think you cared and loved them, then it doesn’t matter, keep them in your prayers. Let God give them ease in their hardship….”

Read this amazing blog and couldn’t stop myself from sharing these beautiful thoughts and inspiring words. She writes nothing but pure emotions. Go check out her full blog at Weblog diaries.

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