Repost: It’s about TIME..

There is always something we want to happen in our lives… right away. To become grown enough to have candies without asking our parents, to have that person look at you and smile, and feel the way you want him/her to feel. To get a great job after your graduation without struggling for it like some other fellow students in your class, to find your soul mate, and million other tiny little things that means world to you. The moment when you are in that I WANT phase… no matter how tough you are or how patiently you deal with things in your life, deep within your heart, all you wish is that one want to be fulfilled RIGHT NOW. Sometimes you have waited for something so long that it actually becomes your only need in life… and you think that you are never going to need anything else more than this, well… That’s not true..

The moment you get that thing you want, the money you need to buy candies, that guy/girl’s interest in you, that job, that one in a million guy/girl who you love ... Once you actually have it… you want something else.. a little want that would gradually become the only wish of your life till the time you get it fulfilled and have your next little urge to want something. And every coming urge will be bigger and harder than the previous one.

So, it’s about time when you get what you want in life… you either give up searching and trying for it at some point or you chose to continue wanting it till you have it. You have it or not, you’re gonna start wanting something else with the same passion pretty soon.


Don’t forget the spark you had while trying to get it…
Don’t forget the pain you went through when it didn’t happen once you tried…
Don’t forget that you cried for it because that’s how badly you wanted it…

Don’t ever forget the joy of that moment when you finally had it.

Because it’s about that time that teaches you silently and makes you the person you become by choosing either to struggle harder for your wants or to give up. So you need to remember the struggle you are in today, because its strengthening you for tomorrow. 

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