Time and Again

Weak and brittle,
Pale and crunched
Descends from withered bough
Last leaf of hope,
Drenched in the misery
of unfulfilled vows
For holding on to a lifeless bond
lingering in pain
As bloodless vein
Will only bring misery to the soul,
Malady to brain
So, the fallen leaf
Rests on the ground
Defeated and despaired
to be blown away by the wind
Or stepped on, crushed

Time and again…

Unaware of the twists
This life contains
For it has all the colors
Concealed and restrained
In our audacity of decisions
In mistakes and precisions
Holding on to the fear of loss,
Courage to let go, the withered bough
Its the leap of faith we take
To end devaluing our souls
And learn our worth
as Diamond, not coal
With a possibility and hope
That a fallen leaf may end up
Resting in a precious book
of eminent words
to be a mark of remembrance,
where its presence
Felt and cherished
By a wise man

Time and again…

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

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