A Positive Note – 2020

A year of TRAGEDY
And full of everything that I never wanted and without so much I wished for.
Scared of never living in the world I used to,
The way I used to…
Longing for friends and family,
Living next door… Few feet apart
Or maybe miles, home and away
Missing the crowds… To escape from
Breathing without burdening my soul
Without a mask hiding the most needed smiles in the times of dismay
Feeling the warmth of a handshake
Or a hug…
We all lived through this pandemic,
Alone, Yet together.
In the end,
I chose to be hopeful,
Optimistically imaginative
About the endless possibilities
Future holds
I know it will all be over
It has to…
I chose to hold the sand in my hand and hold it tight.
As I know that it will slip through my fingers, no matter how hard I try to grasp it
But I know now,
That it’s not what I couldn’t hold..
It’s the tiny bit of it
that remained in my hand
It Matters
And I chose not to grieve over what’s gone.
I chose to cherish what remains.
I chose to be thankful for the quantum field, existing beyond time and space,
color and race..
That holds endless possibilities in every single moment for each one of us.
We just have to make sure,
We live it fully
I chose to believe that the consequence of my choices
Will serve to make my life
and of others around me


Photo Credit: Hassan at Unsplash

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