Soul Search

How far can we go?

To seek the truth
Earthed to sow
Unveil the mysteries
Of all that we don’t know

To seek the power
In the world, we live
Where everyone hides
Their weaknesses…

To seek the love
That’s worth all the pain
And be with someone
Freely enchain

How far can you go?

To seek truth, power, and love
For the secret to them all
Lies within yourself

So, before you go far
and away,
To be lost in the darkness
and dismay
With shattered trust
and broken heart
And feeling your world
falling apart..

Know your worth, end that pain
You’ll see the ray of hope again
For the keys to all the locked doors
Can only be found
within your soul..

Picture Credit: Ahmad Odeh at Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Soul Search

  1. A great lesson is concluding by your poem. ( everyone should know or at least think about what they’re getting into. wether or not is it worth not giving up,

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