Time and Again

A poem about how our decisions can shape our lives, as there always is hope for a happier and better life; all you need is courage and self-realization.

Rhapsodic Torment

Rhapsodic torment – A poem that portrays the importance of accepting whatever happiness is present in our lives and avoiding useless overthinking over past and unstoppable desires for future. We should appreciate the cycle of change this life offers and be grateful of its ephemerality.

Made of Clay

A poem about us humans. Love and care for each other helps us to build ourselves beautifully. However, harshness and hatred can only break a person into something dark and miserable.

A Man’s Fate

Fate – This poem is about a man who lost his love and wishes to rewrite his fate, to be with his true love. Written in response to Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 25 July 2020 By Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. #Rhymetime

Stay Strong

No matter how rough your days are or how hard you’re struggling in your life to be happy, when people around you ceases to care, I believe a silent view of strong tall tree standing alone by your window would make a difference.