Eat your words

Nobody likes to be wrong about something. And not everyone can eat that humble pie.

I am a confident person and like to know things before i can talk about them without ambiguity. When that becomes a habit, you become use to of being right most of the time. What is bad about this situation is that you forget how to be wrong or more precisely, how to admit that you were wrong about something.

When i am in a formal setting, socializing with people other than my closed group, I can manage to be graceful enough and nicely be wrong. It’s easier. But when i am with my close friends and family, I can argue till I have used the last possible logical explanation to prove it right. I can be that strange scientist who sounds alien when he is talking and nobody understands his point except himself. Especially when it comes to my dear husband, I don’t want to be wrong about anything… by anything i mean ANYTHING. “I told you not to trust her”, “I told you it’s gonna be like this”, “you shouldn’t have done it without me now look how bad it is”, “Didn’t I tell you” … I wish i never had to listen to these sentences from him ever.

As a human, you can’t get everything right. It’s OK to have something wrong in your life that needs to be corrected, just to make you feel alive and more humanly. Being wrong about something means you have learned the right thing, which is kinda great. We don’t really like it but… that’s how it works.


Three Magical Words

Life finds its rhyme

When we spend couple of days running after time and not having enough time to sit back and talk our hearts out and I silently start panicking. It’s happening. The ‘no more same love talks and endless conversations after marriage’ people warned me about… It’s happening. Then all of a sudden, he pauses, he looks at me and fills my heart with joy of his kind look, letting me know that he knows how I feel and then says those magical words “I love you” … And life finds its rhyme.

via Daily Prompt: Rhyme


You have been hurt by people who were really close to you. You have lived that silent pain that screams through your heart and tells you that it’s not okay for someone to hurt you this way. You are not miserable, you live your life and carry on with your routine in the same way. It’s just that there is a pinch in your heart that bothers you so much but you ignore it. You are too grown to tell others that you are hurt. You don’t want to complain about it but you cant let it be either.

It is time… to forgive without being asked for forgiveness. Set yourself free from that unheard misery and pain. You don’t want to talk about it or even talk to that person again… That’s fine. They probably never deserved your love and care. Just tell yourself to forgive that person because that’s the best way you can settle it down and you deserve this peace of mind and heart.


It’s about TIME..

There is always something we want to happen in our lives… right away. To become grown enough to have candies without asking our parents, to have that person look at you and smile and feel the way you want him/her to feel, to get a great job after your graduation without struggling for it like some other fellow students in your class, to find your soul mate, and million other tiny little things that means world to you. The moment when you are in that I WANT phase… no matter how tough you are or how patiently you deal with things in your life, deep within your heart, all you wish is that one want to be fulfilled RIGHT NOW. Sometimes you have waited for something so long that it actually becomes your only need in life… and you think that you will never gonna need anything else more than this, well… that does not happen.

The moment you get that thing you want, the money you need to buy candies, that guy/girl’s interest in you, that job, that one in a million guy/girl who you love ... Once you actually have it… you want something else.. a little want that would gradually become the only wish of your life till the time you get it fulfilled and have your next little urge to want something. And every coming urge will be bigger and harder than the previous one.

So, it’s about time when you get what you want in life… you either give up searching and trying for it at some point or you chose to continue wanting it till you have it. You have it or not, you gonna start wanting something else with the same passion pretty soon.


Don’t forget the spark you had while trying to get it…
Don’t forget the pain you went through when it didn’t happen once you tried…
Don’t forget that you cried for it because that’s how badly you wanted it…
Don’t ever forget the joy of that moment when you finally had it.

Because it’s about that time that teaches you silently and makes you the person you become by choosing either to struggle harder for your wants or to give up. So you need to remember the struggle you are in today, because its strengthening you for tomorrow. 

Nature is the best teacher

Now this is something we all have felt atleast once in our life. Times, when you feel that this is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Things can never be more terrible then this. All those things I use to feel good or happy about, are fading out. Infact they now makes me feel depressed. As we humans have a hidden talent of faking our emotions most of the time, I tend to smile even when my heart is ozing out of sadness and depression. Obviously I don’t want people to know how misreable I feel or how weak I am, no matter how badly I want someone to listen and know all what I feel.
Well, is this really that bad? The situation I am faced with… Is it really the worst that could happen? Should I have to stop living because of this?
Once I get over these emotional and situational imbalances, I can clearly see the other side of the picture which was so vague and blurred back then. Now I don’t feel bad about what happened. I understand. I accept. I move on.
So, what was all that fuss about? Why do i have to go through such rough time whenever i am faced with a difficult situation? Is it just me who is bad at accepting the changes in life easily, or it happen to everyone?

This fall, i got my answers in the most amazing way possible. “A tall tree standing strong by my window” … It was full of green shaddy leaves extending far across. When the season changed and came the Autumn… the leaves started to change colors, from green to yellow and red. With a heavy blow of wind, the weak leaves started to fall down. Those who were strongly bonded with the branches, remain with the tree. Isn’t it similar to what happen in our lives? Well yes! I am talking about friends who left us alone when we needed them the most, relationships that were strong and healthy like those green leaves but changed their colors with seasons and eventually left the grip of branch. In coming months of freezing winter, that tree would not have even a single leaf on it… but it will stay there, stand strong and wait for the harshness of winters to end. He apparently looks weak but the stem remains strong. It doesn’t bend down or die and looks determined to live again as full and green as it use to be. There would be new leaves on it soon. This tree would again smile on the breeze, play with sunlight and dance in rain.
So, its all about being strong and standing tall on your feet while the seasons change and waiting for things to get better. You just have to believe and never give up.
I believe … and I stand.